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What is the pull force of a magnet and how do I choose a magnet based on its pull force for my application?


Pull force is one of the measurement methods used to determine the strength of a magnet. It is typically defined as the force that separates the magnet from a low carbon steel plate to achieve direct contact and pull, and the steel plate should be 20 mm thick. The steel plate surface should be smooth and clean. The force to pull the magnet should be perpendicular to the surface.

Based on these factors, the traction will be less for each of the following situations,

  • The magnetic surface is less magnetic than low carbon steel.
  • The magnetic surface is thinner than 20 mm ( 0.787 )
  • The magnetic surface is rough or not directly touched. For example, the surface is painted or there are foreign objects on the surface.
  • The pulling force is not perpendicular to the surface. For example, when hanging an item on the refrigerator
  • In most applications, the actual tensile force is less when these factors are taken into account.

Unlike Gauss and Maximum Energy Product, which are more scientific terms, pull force is more commonly used by amateur applications when selecting magnets. For example, choosing a magnet for crafts, office, home, etc., where the actual pulling force is the basic concern.