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Magnet information

How can I use magnet information?

With a magnet size, you can estimate how much magnetic flux different materials will project at a given distance. You can also use this information to compare one material to another.

Example: How much more flux will a grade 35 neodymium magnet produce compared to a grade 5 ceramic at a given distance? Just divide the Br of the neo 35 by the Br of the grade 5 ceramic (12300/3950) to get 3.1. This means that the neo grade 35 projects 3.1 times the flux that a ceramic grade 5 of the same size would produce at a given distance.

Based on the required flux at a fixed distance from the magnet, you can use this information to estimate which magnet volume is required for different magnet materials.

Example: What volume of ceramic-5 magnets would give the same flux as a neodymium-35 magnet at a given distance? Simply divide the BHmax of neo-35 by the BHmax of ceramic-5 (35/3.6) to get 9.7. This means that the volume of the ceramic-5 magnets would have to be 9.7 times the volume of the neo-35 magnet to get the same flux.