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What does the term anisotropic mean?

A magnet is said to be anisotropic when all of its magnetic domains are aligned in the same direction. This is achieved during the manufacturing process and ensures that the areas are 100% aligned in the same direction to deliver maximum magnetic performance. This direction is referred to as the 'magnetic axis'.
Alignment is achieved by exposing each magnet to a strong electromagnetic field at a critical point during the manufacturing process, which then "locks" the areas parallel to the applied electromagnetic field.
An anisotropic magnet can only be magnetized in the direction set during manufacture (along its magnetic axis), attempts to magnetize the magnet in any other direction will result in no magnetism. Anisotropic magnets are much stronger than isotropic magnets, which have randomly oriented magnetic regions that produce much less magnetism. Isotropic magnets, however, have the advantage that they can be magnetized in any direction.